Friday, February 27, 2009

Crystal Ball

May as well start this off with a bang. So I'm sticking my neck out and making some bold predictions about the world of mobile.

Will see double the mobile traffic of 2008. In fact, mobile traffic will double every year until at least 2013 when traffic will be 60-70 times as much as 2008.

Smartphones will respresent 90% of all phones purchased.

You will purchase a can of coke from a bluetooth enabled vending machine with your mobile phone.

50% of coupons redeemed will be paperless - delivered and redeemed via mobile phone.

There will be 500 million mobile TV subscribers.

Your phone will be your credit card, your AirMiles card, your gas card, your health card and your library card. Plus it will occasionally be a phone.


  1. Do you know if this will be LTE, or are you a content guy not a protocol guy...?

  2. I'm a marketer, not really a protocal guy. However the technology proceeds, it will continously offer more data transfer at higher speeds and lower costs.

  3. It's all about fast, heavy data then, right? But buying a pop from your phone is far fewer kbits of data mobile TV, which is crazy large streaming video amounts of MBytes. In fact all the apps you mention are quite small amounts of data: library, health, credit, airmiles, gas. Streaming video is the bandwidth killing app - when is that going to really be big here in Canada, not in APAC...?

  4. Streaming video is already available now, to a certain degree. On my Blackberry Storm I can watch the highlights of my favourite Canadian NHL teams.

    As you mention, not all applications will be about large amounts of data.

    The reason I profiled these predictions is to outline to marketers in general that the phone is becoming so much more than just a phone, and that brands are going to need to occupy the space on their consumers mobile device. If they don't, their competitors will.

  5. Well, I count on you marketeers to create the demand to upgrade and fortify infrastructure and delivery systems, because if we build it they won't necessariyly come, but if you create the demand they have to.

    Hey, we're all in this together! Let's do it!

  6. Gosh, if your mobile's going to be all that - better not lose it!