Friday, April 17, 2009

Sex + Texting = Sexting

Last week I wrote a blog post about morning-after pills available to high-school aged girls via text message to the school nurse. After posting my usual announcements on Facebook and Twitter, my blog received more traffic that day than any day since I started. Apparently, sex does sell. Let's see how this post does.

This post is about 'sexting' - the act of sending nude or suggestive images/video via text message or MMS (multi-media message). Apparently, this is the new way to flirt.

The dangerous component of this is when teenagers, who are heavy text message users, are participating. Nude photos of underage people are illegal, and distribution, even via text message, can lead to a jail sentence.

Further, anybody participating in this type of activity should be very careful about who they send the photos to. Anybody who receives them can simply forward them to everybody on their phones contact list. Who of course can forward them to everybody on their contact list. And so on. And so on.

Does this mean that mobile has come of age?

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