Friday, January 14, 2011

(More) Proof that I am Brilliant

It's good to toot your own horn once in a while. A while ago on this blog, I posted about how brilliant I was. Apparently I still am.

Jeff Hasen (CEO of Hipcricket and someone who is also probably brilliant), today published this article titled "Marketers Need New Mobile Social Media Mindset". Mr. Hasen talks about the recently released statistics from Twitter and how it "shows the convergence of social media and mobile."

Apparently Mr. Hasen has been reading this blog. Only three days ago I wrote about the convergence of social and mobile. However, Mr. Hasen discusses better than I the concept of marketing silos. He explains in greater detail that as social and mobile activities converge, so too must social and mobile marketing budgets. Of course, he is absolutely correct.

I suppose then that Mr. Hasen and I are both brilliant.

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