Monday, March 23, 2009

Doritos Guru

I love good marketing. And one of my guilty pleasures has long been Doritos. So what do you get when you put them together? The Doritos Guru campaign.

One of my 10 rules of marketing (the book will be published sometime after I retire) says that the best way to get consumer involvement in a brand it to get the consumer to invest in it. Some really smart marketing people at Doritos also understand this.

The recent Doritos Guru campaign starts at the store level, where, in amongst the packages of Original, Cool Ranch, and Sweet Chili Heat you will see this package:

So what is it? It's an unnamed new Doritos flavour. And the idea is that consumers can enter a contest to name the new flavour, and submit a 30 sec television spot. The winner gets $25,000 plus 1% of all future sales - good deal!

At the Doritos Guru website you can view and vote on all the submissions. Fantastic consumer-investment. Speaks really well to the target demographic. Terrific PR opportunities. It's one of those campaigns that makes me think to myself - wow I wish I'd thought of that.

What does this have to do with mobile? Well not much, except I took the photo of the Doritos in my kitchen with my Blackberry Storm, and then uploaded it to Facebook so I could save it on my desktop for use in this posting. So there!

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