Sunday, March 1, 2009

So what is the 3rd screen?

I've received a few queries in the past couple days asking about the reference to the 3rd screen.

If television was the first, and the internet was the 2nd, mobile is the 3rd mass media screen.

The 3rd screen is the first ever personal mass media. It is also the first that:

  • is always on
  • is always with the consumer
  • is always at the point of purchase

Most importantly, it is the media where consumers can most effectively raise a hand and identify themselves as fans of a brand.


  1. Was newpaper not the 1st? And perhaps radio the 2nd, even though it's not visual?

  2. I think the 'screen' refers to something that is visually dynamic - moving and changing. Technically, movies could be considered the first screen, but really TV was the first mass-media screen.

    I think newspapers are print, and radio is audio. Neither are 'screens' per se.

  3. Good answer. I hadn't thought of it in that context.